Support Us

Unfortunately, hugs aren’t free. We rely upon the generosity and support of our able members in order to continue providing Free Hugs to those in the largest need of them. We thank each and every one of you that contributes in any way at all, everything counts.

There is no reward for supporting Free Hugs. Every penny is taken anonymously, and those that donate are expected to hold their pride quietly. It is solely to preserve the longevity and continued ability for our games and servers to continue onwards, allowing you to enjoy playing in the atmosphere and environment we strive to provide. No supporters are exempt from the rules within each individual community, those breaking them shall be left hug-less.

Those that desire to support Free Hugs after fully understanding these notions may do so in the form below:


You’re on the Free Hugs Support page.

Presumably this is because you’re interested in contributing to costs, perhaps because you enjoy the servers, or perhaps you simply like how we go about things and want to see us grow. We’re happy about that. Unbelievably so! But first we need to break a few words before you go ahead.

Supporting Hugs is a service without recompense. Those that give receive no special treatment, there are no rewards and it is unlikely that there ever will be. It is a service to the hundreds that enjoy the community and a service to yourself as an individual that enjoys to play with the attitudes and guidelines Free Hugs work diligently to provide.

We maintain a list of all contributions (anonymised) here.

If you’re unable to contribute, we LOVE getting thank-you notes from the community in our subreddits. Here is just a small collection of such thanks.